When the world needs more kindness

When the world needs more kindness

Two years ago when the world was shut down by the COVID-19 pandemic, Sharni and Johnny decided what the world needed was more joy. 

As a relatively new illustrator, I set about creating 100 illustrations featuring this happy pair which has since been featured in an art gallery exhibition and our first Amazon #1 bestselling children's picture book 'Joy is...'

Now with the world once again feeling incredibly unsettled it seemed like the appropriate time to start a new series.

I initially planned to join the 2022 100 Day Project on Instagram but felt a little overwhelmed by the prospect. It takes a big effort to draw and colour a full illustration every day for 100 days and at the last minute I pulled out. I chose instead to be kind to myself (any my family) and let this series unfold at a gentler pace.

Quite appropriate considering the theme of the series is kindness.

The Sharni Normal Kindness series began on 15th February 2022 and only a short time later Russia invaded Ukraine and Australia was experiencing record rainfall and devastating floods.

I stumbled slightly, feeling so incredibly sad for all the people displaced by war and natural disaster that I had trouble focusing on the task at hand.

I couldn't move forward until I had donated money to both causes and felt I had at least done something. No matter how tiny.

Now my job to illustrate and highlight little acts of kindness in the world has taken on a whole new meaning. 

I love sharing my journey to create a series with you over at the Sharni Normal Instagram and Facebook pages and hope each illustration not only brings you joy but helps you to see the abundance of kindness that already exists in the world.  My new series is being inspired by normal everyday acts of kindness I've either witnessed myself, stumbled across in my research or had shared with me by our wonderful readers.

As with my first series, it will of course become a picture book (or few) that we can share offline with our precious children as we make a conscious effort to raise happy and kind humans.

Thank you dear reader, I hope the kindness series brings you joy.

Sam xx